• Sean Glinski

Get to know Shelly Gazette

Q: What is you favorite movie? A: Lonesome Dove. Its an amazing book and the film just captures it. Q: Elvis or the Beatles?

A: Beatles

Q: How do you take your coffee? A: I take my coffee black. Q: Do you have any quirky habits?

A: I delete everything! Daily! Emails, texts, phone calls, everything! Q: If you had to live in the woods would you: thrive, survive, or cese to be alive? A: I'm a surivivor. Q: Favorite restaurant in Temple/Belton? A: Texas Road House Q: Last vacation destination? A: I got to see my son in California. Q: What did your high school guidance counselor suggest for a career path?

A: My counselor said I should go to the Army, so I did! Q: If you could be any animal which would you be?

A: I am a slow runner, I always wanted to be fast like a Jaguar. Q: If you could time-travel, when/where would you go? A: I would go back to in 1988. Find myself and tell her to study harder and give more effort because developing that discipline pays off.

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David Sweet DDS
1605 Forest Trail
Temple, TX 76502

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